20 Days of Self-Love

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

FALL has FALLEN. Well at least here in the PNW. Temperatures are 40 degrees in the morning and highs are in the high 50's -low 60's. It feels as through we went straight into Winter.

Fall has always been one my favorite season because of the cute booties, pea coats, smell of the leaves, and of course warm foods. While I usually look forward to the FALL, the last 2 years I have kind of dreaded it living in WA. The fall here is very cold, dark, and rainy. The type of weather that has you canceling all plans to stay in just to stay warm and if you aren't careful it will cause you to become depressed. But this fall season I am determine to push through the rain (literally) and make this the best season yet.

To help me I have created a 20 Day Self-Love Calendar for the month full of activities to keep me busy and recharged to make this the best Fall Season here in the PNW. Each activity is connected to 1 of the 4 pillars of Self-Love:






How To Use This Calendar: Choose 20 days out of the month to set aside time to work on your self. During that time you can choose an activity (doesn't have to be in order) or choose your own activity to do. Once you are completed with that activity journal about your experience and how it made you feel.


Feel free to share some of your activities with us in the comments below!

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Happy Fall!

Much love and light!

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