I’m Taking A Break

I’ve been pushing myself #HARDAF.

Everyday I’ve worked on my businesses at minimum 2hrs.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been the only parent.

Listen!!! Your girl is TIRED tired!!!

Each night I try to do some type of Self-Care to keep me sane, but I need a couple hours away from both of my babies!!

So today I’m calling the sitter and planning some “ME” time.

See years ago I wouldn’t have been able

to recognize what I needed in this moment. It took growth to get me to this point. It took me finding myself to learn how to love myself.

Today I can recognize the feelings and emotions and quickly change them when I need too!


Don’t forget to grab your copy of “the love journal” today so you can begin/continue your self-love journey. https://www.reclaimingmyselflove.com/product-page/self-love-journal


So do you have the ”Mom Blues” or just feeling blah?!?! It’s okay Sis! Take a much needed break.

Here’s somethings you can do:

-Take Yourself On a Date

-Go Walking on the Riverfront

-Go see a Movie

-Get A Hotel for a night

-Go hang with your girls

-Take a Drive

-Eat a meal by yourself

-Get a massage

Queen, a break is a MUST for not just your sanity, but for your coworkers and

family too!!! 😉

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