Ten Facts About Nicole

Hey Queen, let me introduce myself.

-I am a military spouse. My husband has been in the Navy for almost 4 years. We are currently stationed in Washington State.

-I am a mom of 2. Darion, II. who is my 3 year old very active son and Jenesys Grace who is our newest addition currently 2 months.

- I am originally from Memphis, TN. and I refuse to call myself a Washingtonian even though we've lived there for 3 years and that really all my kids know.

- I have a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education and I worked in the Childcare industry for 15 years until I had my own and discovered I need to find a new passion.

- I have a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy that I never officially used, but it comes in handy when talking to others.

- I own my own jewelry company which has pushed me totally out of my comfort zone and changed my life. You can check it out at www.PersonalTouchByNicole.com

- I love to help women, hence my 2 businesses. I am able to encourage, motivate, and inspire women by working both of them.

- I love to travel. I have been to several states and Cancun and I can't wait to do more international travel in the upcoming years.

- I love to journal. Journaling is a stress reliever for me. I keep pen and paper (or the note section on my phone) near at all times.

- I am learning to be the BEST version of myself. I have begun to regain, rediscover, and redefine who NICOLE is and I am learning to love myself and be who I was created to be.

Feel free to share a few things about yourself!

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