Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Welcome to the Tribe boo!!! We are so glad to have you!

So let’s get acquainted. I am Nicole Dotson, CEO and Founder of Reclaiming Myself. I am a Certified Professional Self-Love Life Coach. I began my journey to finding self-love in 2017 during a dark place in my life. As I began to work on myself I started to realized that many of my friends and associates around my age, were all going through similar journeys. We all were lost somewhere between being a mom, spouse, employee, business owner, caregiver, etc. and truly didn’t know where to begin to rediscovering ourselves.

As women we give so much of ourselves that we forget who we are, neglect caring for ourselves, and lose who we are.

Reclaiming Myself’s mission is to help women regain, redefine, and rediscover who they are at whatever point they are in their life and be the BEST version of themselves.

The vision is to take women on my self-love journey to RECLAIMING MYSELF in hopes that they are able to take off the limitations and do the same!!! So come along for the ride. There will be a lot of ups and downs, heartaches and heartbreaks, joys and fears, losses and wins, and so much more. I hope that you join me for this crazy ride to regaining our passion for our lives, redefining who we are with no titles, and rediscovering the women that are begging to come out and just be!

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