What is Self-Love?

How many of us truly know what self-love is? I'm not just talking self-care. I'm talking about the true love of self.

If you look up the word "self-love" in the Oxford dictionary it states that self-love is "regard for one's own well-being and happiness". So what does this really mean? I've broken it down into 5 parts;

I. Self-love is learning who you are and what your needs are. If you take away the titles you hold (mom, CEO, sister, wife,etc.) who are you. Are you a teacher, nurturer, healer, etc. Who are you.

II. Be You UNapologetically! No matter what people may think or feel about you, ALWAYS BE YOU! Don't let them conform you to the ways of the world and what everyone else is doing.

III. Put yourself first! One thing you will always hear me say is "You can't pour from an empty glass!" You must take care of yourself first and allow everything else to fall into place around you.

IV. Love ALL of You. I do mean ALL! Every imperfection. Every roll. Every pimple. Every lazy eye. Every chipped nail. Everything! When you start loving every part of you your confidence will grow.

V. Heal and Forgive. This is a big one. Many of us don't want to talk about our traumas, heartaches, and headaches but in order to truly grow into the person you need to become, it's a MUST. So get to talking, writing, or whatever you choose to do and heal. Most importantly, forgive yourself.

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Do You, Be You, For You!

If you are ready to start your self-love journey or need accountability send me an email NOW nicole@reclaimingmyselflove.com

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